Navigating the world of gift-giving for electricians can be a daunting task, especially if you find yourself in uncharted territory when it comes to the electrical industry. The challenge lies in selecting a present that is not only thoughtful but also practical, avoiding the risk of investing in something that may never see the light of day on the job. 


With Christmas right around the corner, the pressure to find that ideal gift for your sparky family member or friend is on. Fear not, as here at Super Rod, we've curated a Christmas Gift Guide for 2023 in collaboration with Klein Tools UK. 


This guide features a selection of top-notch products that electricians would not only appreciate but also incorporate into their daily work seamlessly. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of gift shopping and embrace the joy of giving something truly valuable this holiday season. 


We have organised the gifts in price category for you to make it easy to find the perfect gift for your favourite electrician (even if that is yourself).




Stocking Fillers under £20 


Magnetizer / Demagnetizer (MAG2)

Trade Price £14.46 + VAT


Dropping screws on the job can kill your productivity. Always have a magnetic screwdriver handy with Klein Tools' MAG2 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer. Quickly and easily magnetize your screwdrivers and bits to hold your fasteners on the tip of your screwdriver and get the job done fast. This compact tool is great to have on hand when you need a magnetized screwdriver or bit. Powerful rare-earth magnets provide a fast, strong, long-lasting charge. Easily attach it to your tool bag with the included stainless steel key ring. Once you have one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.




Neck and Face Warming Half-Band, Black (60466)

Trade Price £14.95 + VAT


Experience superior protection and comfort with our Warming Band, specifically designed to cover the face with a two-layer defence system. The top portion features moisture-wicking knit fabric with an anti-odour treatment, ensuring freshness and dryness even in challenging conditions. In colder environments, the bottom portion, crafted from 270-gram fleece, provides exceptional warmth for added comfort.


Designed for a secure fit that won't unravel, our Warming Band is equipped with a sewn elastic edge, guaranteeing a snug and reliable feel during use. With a one-size-fits-most design, this versatile accessory accommodates a wide range of users. For added safety in low-light conditions, reflective accents are incorporated into the band, enhancing visibility.


Just above £20, we have also just introduced the Wind Proof Hinged Balaclava (60132), a one-piece wonder designed for ultimate warmth in cold conditions. Crafted with a stretchable fleece material, this balaclava ensures a snug fit while providing exceptional warmth. The addition of an extra layer of wind-protectant fabric on the mouth and neck panel enhances protection against harsh weather elements.


Versatility is a key feature, as the balaclava is designed with a hinged top, allowing it to be used as a neck gaiter for added flexibility in wear. The long length ensures comprehensive coverage to keep your neck warm in chilly temperatures. For comfort during prolonged use, the 3-panel construction and flat lock seams prevent irritation to the skin.


With a one-size-fits-most design, our Stretchable Fleece Balaclava accommodates a wide range of users, making it a practical addition to any cold-weather gear collection. Easy maintenance is guaranteed, as the balaclava is machine washable, providing convenience for your outdoor adventures. Elevate your winter wear with the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and versatility.

Trade Price £22.95



Klein Tools Bottle Opener (98002BT)

Trade Price £17.88 + VAT

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Our tool is expertly crafted to meet the needs of users ranging from apprentices to demanding professionals, making it a versatile and reliable choice for a wide spectrum of applications. The Cushion-Grip™ handle not only resists slippage but also ensures the comfort required for frequent and extended use, enhancing the overall user experience.


Super Rod Socket Tester Holder (SRSTH)

Trade Price £19.95 + VAT

Featuring a multi-function tester nulling feature, this holder eliminates the risk of damage or loss of your socket tester. It's a 2-in-1 tool that not only securely stores your socket tester but also nulls your multi-function tester, saving you time and effort.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Jakoda Socket Tester Holder is equipped with a built-in MFT socket nulling device, streamlining the nulling process. The holder is ideal for hanging your socket tester on your tool bag, providing easy access whenever you need it. Its space-saving design ensures efficient use of your tool bag, while the high-strength durable hook can support weights of up to 90kg.


Constructed with durability in focus, the Jakoda Socket Tester Holder features a Type III 7-strand 350 paracord rope, ensuring longevity and reliability. Upgrade your toolkit organisation with the Jakoda Socket Tester Holder – the perfect solution for secure storage, quick access, and space-saving efficiency.




Gifts under £40 

Super Rod R1R2 Magnetic Link (SRR1R2)     

Trade Price £26.95 + VAT

Introducing the fastest and most efficient method for testing R1 + R2 – our innovative solution utilises a high-strength magnetic link designed for continuity testing. This ground-breaking technology not only streamlines the testing process but also eliminates the risk of damaging connections, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time.


One of the key advantages of our solution is the significant time savings it offers during testing, ultimately expediting the generation of condition reports. Unlike traditional methods, our system eliminates the need to remove conductors on R1 + R2 tests, simplifying the overall testing procedure.


Included in this comprehensive package are two magnetic links: 1 x 750mm PZ2, suitable for most devices, and 1 x 750mm PZ1 specifically crafted for RCBO’s with deep terminals. This versatile and time-saving solution is designed to enhance efficiency and precision in your testing processes, setting a new standard for R1 + R2 testing in the industry.



Super Rod Duoxim Arbor Max (SRDA2)        

Trade Price £26.95 + VAT

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Our Innovative 2-in-1 tool revolutionizes the process, eliminating the need for separate A1 & A2 arbors. Compatible with traditional hole saws ranging from 14 mm to 210 mm, this tool offers a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for upgrading existing downlighters or correcting any wrong-size holes.


Designed to save time and provide a polished, professional finish, our tool replaces the need for traditional pad saws. The inclusion of two longer pins in its design prevents both hole saws from seizing together, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. With a toolless quick-release arbor, this innovative solution allows for instant changes of hole saws without the hassle of attachments or assembly.



Super Rod Carry Case (SRCASE)         

Trade Price £34.95 + VAT

This case is designed with precision to cater to the needs of professionals, featuring a central opening that accommodates multiple 1m rod sets and long drill bits. Keep your Super Rod accessories organised in the external zipped pocket for quick and easy access.


Enhancing its versatility, the Smartest Super Rod Storage Solution includes a detachable internal soft 3D Air Mesh pocket, specifically designed to store and protect your inspection camera. The case is not only functional but also practical, offering easy and comfortable transportation with its adjustable shoulder strap.


Crafted for durability, the case is made from 600 Denier polyester material and boasts stronger zips, ensuring optimum longevity in various working conditions. With dimensions of 1250 x 90 x 60 mm, it provides ample space for your tools and equipment. This package includes 1 Carry Case with a detachable pocket, offering the smartest and most efficient storage solution for your cable rod needs.



Tradesman Tumbler (55580)

Trade Price £39.95 + VAT

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Experience optimal temperature retention with our Tumbler, crafted with double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel that keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 4 hours. Designed for practicality, the unique double-thread lid allows for easy twisting with gloves on or off, while the flip-top lid locks to create a spill-resistant seal for worry-free transport.


Enhancing usability, the textured silicone outer sleeve provides a slip-resistant grip, catering to both gloved and ungloved hands. The slip-resistant bottom pad ensures stability on most surfaces, preventing accidental spills. For added convenience, the tumbler features a removable Rare-Earth magnetic lanyard, allowing you to secure it to metal objects, preventing loss or misplacement.


Crafted with quality in mind, our Tumbler is made from stainless steel and other BPA-free food-grade materials, ensuring both durability and safety. Elevate your beverage experience with a tumbler that combines functionality, practicality, and style for every occasion.


Gifts under £100


Compact Laser Distance Measure (93LDM100C)

Trade Price £49.95 + VAT

Our Laser Distance Measure sets a new standard for accuracy and convenience on the job site. It covers a broad range, measuring from 2 inches (5.1 cm) up to an impressive 100 feet (30.5 m) with 1/16-Inch (0.16 cm) accuracy for the first 30 feet and maintaining precision at 1/8-Inch (0.32 cm) up to the full 100 feet. The lightweight design, complete with a pocket clip, ensures easy portability, making it a practical companion for any project.


Operating this device is a breeze with a simple click of a button to record single-distance measurements or continuous measurements. The Laser Distance Measure enhances efficiency by allowing you to quickly compare the latest measurement with the last two measured distances, conveniently displayed on the highly visible reverse contrast LCD screen, optimized for improved viewing in low light conditions.


Versatility is at your fingertips with the ability to toggle between inches, feet and inches, and meters for more precise measurements. The Class 2 Laser ensures safety by automatically shutting off after 30 seconds, conserving battery life. Audio alerts accompany each measurement, with the option to disable the sound. Additionally, you can change the measurement starting point from the top or bottom of the device, enabling faster readings.




Digital Angle Gauge and Level (935DAG)

Trade Price £54.95 + VAT

The Klein Tools Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles, or can be used as a digital level. The strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces such as conduit. Along with dual measurement ranges of 0 to 90-Degree and 0 to 180-Degree, this tool has a high visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing.





8-in-1 Insulated Interchangeable Screwdriver Set (32288)

Trade Price £89.95 + VAT

Klein Tools' Interchangeable Insulated Screwdriver Set includes an insulated handle and 5 interchangeable insulated blades for quick changes on the job. The auto-eject mechanism works with just a twist, allowing you to change or flip blades simply and easily. A bright orange coating of insulation protects from electrical shock, as well as being flame and impact-resistant. Klein insulated tools exceed the ASTM F1505 standards for insulated tools, and are clearly marked with the official 1000-volt rating symbol. The set of five Phillips, Square and Slotted slim-tip blades come in a protective roll pouch, making this the perfect set for your tool bag.




Epic Gifts (£100-£300)


Bluetooth® Jobsite Speaker with Magnet and Hook (AEPJS3)

Trade Price £109.67 + VAT


Klein Tools Cat. No. AEPJS3 is a portable, mid-sized speaker designed to provide high-quality sound, making it easier to enjoy listening to music or favourite podcasts. This Jobsite Speaker also duals as a power bank, charging common mobile devices like cell phones or earbuds, and other smaller USB jobsite accessories such as headlamps or fans. Versatile mounting options include embedded magnets for strong magnetic mounting and an integrated hook for hanging on nails or screws. Broadcast Mode connects up to four additional Klein Tools Cat. No. AEPJS3 speakers, ensuring coverage across the entire jobsite.


Klein Tools Professional Tool Kit (KTPK21)

Trade Price £156.95 + VAT

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This would make a perfect gift for any electrical apprentice or anyone starting out as an electrician. 

This 7-piece tool kit has everything they would need, a combination of quality tools, insulated tools to make sure they stay safe and #workingsmarter tools.  


The kit comprises a versatile assortment of essential tools designed to meet various professional needs. It includes the Tradesman Pro™ Tool Bag Backpack for convenient and organized tool storage. The 5-piece VDE Insulated Screwdriver Set ensures electrical safety, while the Insulated Combination Pliers and 160mm Insulated Diagonal Cutters provide reliable handling for various tasks. The 7.5m Double Hook Magnetic Tape Measure offers precision in measurements, and the Rare Earth Magnet Aluminium Torpedo Level ensures accurate alignment. Additionally, the Super Rod 3.6m Cable Tongue enhances cable management capabilities, making this comprehensive toolkit a valuable companion for tradesmen and professionals alike.


Treat yourself or spoil your hard-working apprentice with this special gift that will last a long time.



Tradesman Pro™ XL Tool Bag Backpack, 40 Pockets (62800BP)

Trade Price £199.95 + VAT


Klein Tools' Tradesman Pro™ XL Backpack is a seriously tough backpack that provides the perfect amount of storage and features to get you through your day. The innovative curved, fully-moulded bottom design provides maximum comfort while helping keep your tools safe from the elements. The front compartment features 6 tool storage pockets for easy access to frequently used small tools, while the large interior has 27 pockets with plenty of room for large tools and equipment and unzips to fully open for easy access. The USB-C cord and exterior port make it easy to charge your devices at any jobsite.


Tradesman Pro™ XL Tech Tool Bag Backpack, 28 Pockets (62805BPTECH)

Trade Price £219.95 + VAT 

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Introducing our Tech Backpack, a versatile solution for tech enthusiasts and professionals. With two main compartments, one for tools and meters at the front and another for laptops or tablets at the back, this backpack ensures easy access and organisation. Boasting a 28-pocket layout, it keeps your tech devices secure and well-organized during transport. The curved, fully-moulded bottom enhances comfort and protects contents from the elements, while the included 1.5-foot USB-C cord with cord management and exterior port allows for convenient device charging on the go. Additional features include an internal headlamp bracket, a hard, moulded front pocket with dividers, and a durable water-resistant 1680d ballistic weave material construction. Enjoy practical details like an exterior tape measure clip, tape loop, extra padding on the shoulder straps, and a main zipper designed for easy access. Upgrade your tech-carrying experience with our Tech Backpack, where organisation meets durability for all your gadgets and tools.



Mega Gifts (£300+)


Rechargeable Self-Levelling Green Cross-Line Laser Level with Red Plumb (93LCLGR)

Trade Price £379.95 + VAT

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This laser level features high-visibility green horizontal and vertical laser lines, along with red plumb spot lasers, providing easy-to-read indicators with a remarkable working range of 165 feet (50.3 meters). It excels in accuracy, projecting high precision lines and plumb up/down spots independently or together, addressing various alignment tasks with precision up to 3/32-Inch at 33 feet (10.1 meters). The convenience continues with a high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery that powers all lasers for over 15 hours of continuous run time.


Designed for versatility, our laser level includes an integrated magnetic 360-Degree mounting bracket with 1/4-Inch and 5/8-Inch tripod mounting threads, allowing easy attachment to ferromagnetic objects. For ceiling grid applications, an additional mounting clamp attachment is provided. The rugged body ensures job site durability, providing IP54 water and dust resistance. Upgrade your alignment tasks with confidence, precision, and durability using our Rechargeable Self-Levelling Laser Level.


Rechargeable Pro Thermal Imager with Wi-Fi (TI290)

Trade Price £699.95 + VAT

The Klein Tools TI290 is a high resolution, Wi-Fi enabled, professional model USB rechargeable Thermal Imager. The large LCD displays unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting. Excellent resolution with over 49,000 pixels and your choice of three colour palettes. The meter provides high and low temperature points, crosshairs to pinpoint specific temperatures, and options for temperature alarms. App is available for free in Google Play™ store and in the App Store.



For more information about these products visit the Super Rod website or the Klein Tools website . Alternatively, contact us or by phone on Tel: +44(0)1495 792000.